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2018 Goal The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) is a volunteer run group from the Margate Primary School community who work for the benefit of the School and its students.

The objectives of the P&F are to foster a community spirit and assist in providing financial resources for the School when necessary. This is done through the planning and organisation of fundraisers and events in partnership with the Principal and staff at the School. A range of fundraisers are organised throughout the year including: the Back to School BBQ, Easter Raffle, Christmas Carols BBQ and raffle. A Twilight Fair is held biannually. The P&F is also responsible for the management and operation of the School Uniform Shop.

The P&F is comprised of general members and a committee. Parents and carers, extended family and staff from the School community are welcome to join and attend the regular and or annual general meetings, and join our closed Facebook group. Meetings are usually held monthly, with more regular planning meetings scheduled as required. Please contact us for more information.

2018 Comittee
President: Kate Birch
Vice President: Beck Ruscoe
Treasurer: Joellen Cowden
Secretary: Verity Ikin
Public Officer: Joellen Cowden
Uniform Shop Coordinators: Jackie Edwards
Kate Harrison
TASSPF Representative: Miriam Hertzfeld
Auditor: Max Peck & Associates

Other volunteer groups with community involvement at Margate Primary School include The School Association and The Garden Cafe and the Student Representative Council. Combined these groups and the P&F work together for the benefit of all students at Margate Primary School